Pharmacy Management Software

Request a quote The Concept There has been a significant spike in the world’s population, and we have seen increased awareness about healthcare and fitness. The alertness towards one’s health has led to an increase in the demand for medicines and various health-related products. Of course, so has the supply. It is quite necessary to … Read more

Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace Platform

Request a quote The Concept A Multi-vendor eCommerce Platform serves significant opportunities when it comes to revenue for a business person. As the demand for such marketplaces has urged, most entrepreneurs shift from their online stores to multi-vendor marketplaces. Accordingly, the need for multi-vendor marketplace development has also pushed to the next level. Our client … Read more

Healthcare Mobile App Development

Request a quote The Challenge The client is looking for a mobile application development services for his existing web application. The client’s basic requirement is to create a healthcare mobile application that provides health data management, library management, and vendor management. The Solution TechAvidus’ team has analyzed the existing web application structure, discussed with the … Read more

Real Estate MLS Software

Request a quote Project Overview Real Estate MLS software makes searching for properties more effortless for the buyer, but it is also designed to support builders, realtors, and brokers. Real Estate Property listing software lists properties based on customized choices city, suburbs, areas, etc. It lists all the essential features of the property like the … Read more

Transportation Management System

Request a quote The Solution At TechAvidus, our Transport & Supply chain specialist team is developing solutions for trucking, transportation, and logistics industry since 2012. Implementing a web-based transportation management system comes with core benefits for Increased Customer Service Warehouse Efficiency New Delivery Capabilities Inventory Reductions Cash Flow Improvements Improve transportation logistics to boost on-time … Read more

Lease Management Software

Request a quote The Concept The market for vehicle leasing is changing rapidly. This coming shift in leasing dynamics isn’t taken care of by existing auto leasing software for dealers. Using the latest, standard vehicle leasing software allows us to take care of the entire vehicle lease workflow. It provides a central platform to gather … Read more

Food Delivery App Development

Request a quote About Client A client had a unique idea of delivering food with drinks. He did an acid test of his idea to deliver good food in the best way that is tough to get otherwise. When they started implementing idea through their web portal, they had a tremendous response due to their … Read more

AI-based Digital Assets Management Solution

Request a quote The Client A client who is working with high-profile aviation companies approached us to unite their asset data on the intelligent blockchain network. The earlier traditional method that was used to manage and transact the assets, involved paper-based and fragmented approach, which was inefficient. After a proper discussion and analysis of the … Read more

Fire Inspection Reporting Software

Request a quote The Client For our customers, we utilize an innovative Web-based solution, which guarantees timely inspections and maintenance that are fully documented under regulatory local and state. Using Fire Inspection Mobile Application tool, we have simplified and replaced the process of costly paper-based inspections with real-time data and on-demand reports. Our software scan … Read more

Real Estate Sales & Marketing Solution

Request a quote The Challenge To make a simple transaction in real estate industry require many efforts, various software and money. There was no all in one solution which offers File Storage, Transaction management, Property Management, Email Marketing, CRM and community features. The Solution To make a simple transaction in real estate industry require many … Read more