Real Estate MLS Software

Project Overview

Real Estate MLS software makes searching for properties more effortless for the buyer, but it is also designed to support builders, realtors, and brokers. Real Estate Property listing software lists properties based on customized choices city, suburbs, areas, etc. It lists all the essential features of the property like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, property area, car parking space, etc.s

Business Challenges

The client had the vision to make real estate MLS software for the next generation. The idea was to feature a Machine Learning algorithm that would decide and suggest the next most viewed property. It was pretty challenging for us to implement features like showing home with ranking status, drawing polyline click on a marker into Google Maps, calculating ML formula to manage property status, etc.

Implementing a very useful feature of creating an SVG arrow image with the route into a Google map was also a challenge.

Our Solution

The real estate marketplace solution we built provides users with all the potential information regarding their potential property. The idea is to give all the information about houses for sale, flats for rent, insights of facilities available in the neighborhood, and an overall picture of the property.

The crux of the real estate property listing software was implementing Google map integration and using Google autocomplete API for searching properties. Autocomplete feature of MAPS JavaScript API and gives type-ahead search behavior.

Benefits of Google Map integration:

  •  Highly configurable to suit use cases
  •  Location accuracy most accurate than ever
  •  Developer friendly – standard response codes and trouble-free integration

Key Features

User Module

Agent Module