Lease Management Software

The Concept

The market for vehicle leasing is changing rapidly. This coming shift in leasing dynamics isn’t taken care of by existing auto leasing software for dealers. Using the latest, standard vehicle leasing software allows us to take care of the entire vehicle lease workflow. It provides a central platform to gather all the information in one place with the advantage of automated report generation.

The Challenge

The client approached TechAvidus to build a multi-functional, new era, vehicle leasing Software. The task on hand was to create a lease management software for a school to revive its old vehicle leasing tool. TechAvidus team encountered a significant challenge at the time of data migration from two different kinds of systems. Streamlining and automating the complete vehicle leasing cycle was a real test of our expertise.

Our Solution

After going through a thorough analysis of the requirements, TechAvidus came up with a versatile and user-friendly lease management software. The approach was to develop the basic modules first and then embed the advance features, which in turn provided the system an edge over the defunct auto leasing software for dealers.

Key Features

Lease Data Management

Deals Management

Customer Management

Work Order Management